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 Kincaid Table Construction Details

We understand that most people are looking for a high quality piece of furniture that can be handed down for generations. A table that doesn't lose half of its value the day it is delivered to your home or business. A table that is the focal point in a room. A table that takes all of your Friends excuses away when you beat them because it plays like a pro table. This is why we spent hours researching tables to determine the best table money can buy. We believe Kincaid Tables offer the highest quality at the fairest price on the market.

And don't forget, Kincaid's tables meets or exceeds all BCA tournament standards.

Kincaid Pool Tables


"The 100% Solid Wood Cabinet.

Dowel Pin and Steel Joints

pool table frame


24 Level Points


 Solid Wood Rails.

Pool Table Rails


"The 3 Piece Diamond-Honed Matched 1" Slate"

Smooth and Flat Slate

BCA requires True 1" thick slate

Only three piece tables allow the installer to perfectly level your table and that is why Kincaid uses 1", 3 piece matched (meaning that the three individual sections were cut from the same slab for a perfect match from piece to piece) slate from the highest quality diamond-honined slate which results in a smooth, level playing surface. _______________________________________________________